On the Road Home



Sunday afternoon and the rally is basically over. The zoo of KTMs and muddy riders and vendors and flashy gear heads is disbanding. The wild adventure that started eight days ago, and began to feel Real just four days ago, now looks like a Casino parking lot… Wait… It is a casino parking lot! What happened and where have I been? It all feels a little like one of those disappointing dreams where you wake up just a little too early.

KTM did an outstanding job with this event. There was so much packed into the three days… Rides following around pro riders… Demo bikes to rip around on, suspension and tech seminars… Sorta like summer camp I’m almost excited to come back next year.

Monday was the start of the trip home. We rode to Missoula. I finally had a really good burger and awesome cup of coffee. On Tuesday the route took us over Lolo Pass into Idaho. We rode a ton of super fantastic twisty mountain roads. Lolo Pass itself was over 100 miles of twisty. I recorded a new max speed on the GPS, saw a couple of fires burning.. Smoke was in the air almost all day.

On Wednesday we rode dirt from Winnemucca to the Black Rock Desert and ran some circles making dust around the Burning Man security trucks. Not on purpose, really… Then more dirt, over to, and then through Moon Rocks OHV area. Then asphalt and concrete  roads into the Bay… And wow! traffic! What assholes we have here and what crap roads…

We are back now after three days, six states, 300 off-road miles and 1,500 miles of asphalt. (All on the trip home)

Total miles on the trip were 4,000 including 200 miles of fun riding in the Black Hills with the luggage removed from the bikes.

Check out how great the Shinko 805 held up.. We’re all super impressed with that. 300 miles of dirt and 1,500 on the street and it looks only about 25% worn!

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