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  1. Curious to learn how long Shinko lasts and what the cost difference. I had a Shinko blow out on me on BMW F650GS loaded with ~70lbs on the way to Alaska when I got over 85 mph. how fast did you get the Shinko up to and how much weight on the bike? certainly the KTM weighs more than the 650 single, and I probably have 20-30 lbs on you. Luke


    1. This Shinko is really nice on the street. I had about 80 lbs of gear loaded on the 500 lb bike. We rode for hours on end over 90mph. Reached 105 on occasion… GPS speed… It cost 1/2 the price of the competition, $110 versus $220.. (Conti TKC80 and Mitas e09 or e10). So far the Shinko beats the others for longevity and is just as sticky in a straight line in the dirt.. It gives up a little under breaking loads and drifts sideways a bit more wildly than the others but for the price I’m thrilled!


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