Day Five – to The Other Side

Yesterday we heard the term “oh, on the other side..” About towns in Wyoming that we were planning to pass through. Today we rode to it.

it was a shorter day, in both mileage and duration, but to our bodies it felt much longer. 5 hours of sleep after days like these is not enough. Hoping for more tonight.

Highlights of today’s route include some private land that we were lucky enough to gain access to with help from the land owner (The section we crossed led us to a great woodsy/rocky trail that hadn’t seen a traveler in a long time), Crazy Woman Canyon, and other-worldly natural gas producing lands.




One thought on “Day Five – to The Other Side”

  1. It sure looks fun. Motorcycles, without a doubt are gifts from Heaven. . . . .don’t they just put a big-old-smile on your face every time you climb on board? Love those machines not to mention wide open spaces without vermin. I wished I was younger and more ambitious. Make sure to keep the rubber side down!


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