Taking Stock -The After

Starting looking at my bike. There’s road and off road splattered everywhere. Brake pads are in great shape. I use Sintered EBC pads. These will go another 4000 miles. The Pirelli MT21 front held up awesomely. I gotta wash her then get into the airbox. And also have a look at the oil..

Edit: 8/5/2016

Airbox and oil look great! The OEM airbox and paper filter are definitely the way to go. I’ll keep using this air filter for at least another couple of thousand miles..

The splattered WhatEver all over my bike and luggage is more than awful. It’s requiring carburetor cleaner to remove it from the luggage. I used Plastix (headlight lens cleaner) on the bike’s body work and that did the trick there. What the heck was I riding through?


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