Day Four, Alpine, WY to Thermopolos, WY

I can’t imagine a better ride. Today was completely bonkers.

We rode from Alipne, WY to Thermopopolis. The route took us across 4 separate mountain passes. I can’t name them at the moment.. I’ll come back later and edit this…Our max elevation showed to be 9,120 ft but we spent a whole lot of the day at altitudes where it was difficult to breathe. The morning was cold. Peter’s 1190 has a “freeze warning” dashboard light that kept blinking.. It was a big change from the past three days.

Pictures here show the terrain. What they can’t really show is how untouched the areas feel and how exposed that made us feel. This trip really felt like a bigger deal today.



3 thoughts on “Day Four, Alpine, WY to Thermopolos, WY”

  1. Nice pictures – glad things continue to go well.
    I was in Thermopolos a couple years ago visiting the Plains Pipeline hub that is located there for an EE project. I bet you have seen quite a bit of oil pumping and distribution facilities.

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    1. Hi Son! I am enjoying your blog and happy to know things are going well for all of you. Some gorgeous country you are riding.


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