Day Three I think…


At dinner tonight in Alpine, WY we all laughed at the pictures we took this morning. There’s nothing amusing in the pictures, rather it was the absurdity of how far we rode and how long ago the morning felt. It felt like we rode for a week today…was about 400mi  started in Jackpot, NV, ended in Alpine WY. Trails and dirt roads today were the best yet.

We got an early was still dark out as we hit the dirt. The scene was a bit surreal with sunrise burning what looked like clouds on fire. The sky held clouds for most of the day and I wish I’d felt more confident in our ability to make the day’s planned mileage, I’d have stopped and taken more pictures. Our aggressive schedule worked against our trip’s documentation.


Backing up to yesterday… Day 2, we started in Battle Mtn, NV, way late… Two of the four in our group were still trying to get their GPS tracks to work on their devices. We burned a bunch of time and got started riding over an hour late.. Riding was fairly easy except for a few miles of talc beds which, again, took their toll. We rode to Jackpot, on the border with Idaho and ate more than we should have at Cactus Pete’s casino. The route passed through a tiny town of Tuscarora, a cool little artist community/town of 12 people, and through Jarbidge, which had more people but felt very back-woodsy..there was gasoline in Jarbidge, not so much in Tuscorora. The gas pump there had seen better days.



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